Bubba Watson WITB | What's In The Bag? The Masters 2014 Winner's Bag

What clubs does Bubba Watson play?

Bubba Watson’s 2014 Masters Triumph: A Deep Dive into the Tools of Victory

The 2014 Masters Tournament is remembered vividly for Bubba Watson’s dazzling display of power and finesse, culminating in his second green jacket in three years. This victory at Augusta National not only reaffirmed Watson’s prowess on golf’s grandest stage but also showcased his unique strategic approach, underpinned by a set of clubs as distinctive as his playing style. Watson’s win was propelled by his bold shot-making ability, his emotional resilience, and a bag full of custom-fit equipment that perfectly complemented his left-handed swing.

Driver: The Powerhouse in Pink

At the heart of Watson’s arsenal was his infamous Ping G25 driver, famously finished in “Bubba Pink.” Set to a precise 8.2°, this driver, equipped with a Grafalloy Bi-Matrix X shaft, was pivotal in unleashing Watson’s prodigious drives throughout the Augusta pines. The stiff shaft, combined with the lower loft, helped him achieve the towering yet controlled fades required to navigate Augusta’s tight corridors. This club was instrumental on the 13th hole, where his drive cut the corner of the dogleg, setting up an eagle that fortified his lead in the final round.

Fairway Wood: Crafting Distance and Precision

Watson’s choice of a 4-wood, a Ping G25 with a 16.5° loft and a Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec 8.2 X shaft, further demonstrated his preference for specific, reliable tools over a standard set configuration. This wood played a critical role on Augusta’s par-5s, offering a blend of control and distance that enabled Watson to comfortably reach greens in two—most notably on the 15th hole during the final round, where a masterful second shot solidified his commanding position.

Irons: Precision Engineered for Control

The Ping S55 irons, ranging from 3-iron to pitching wedge and shafted with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100s, offered Watson the precision required for Augusta’s demanding approach shots. These irons are designed for playability and control, a necessity given the premium on shot placement at Augusta National. His use of these irons was exemplified on the par-3 16th hole, where Watson’s tee shot landed within feet of the hole, setting up a pivotal birdie that all but clinched his victory.

Wedges: Navigating Augusta's Intricacies

Watson’s wedge play, particularly with his Ping Tour wedges with Gorge Grooves, was a key aspect of his strategy. Configured to 52° and 55°, and a special 62° from a base 64°, these wedges allowed Watson to execute a variety of short game shots with precision—crucial for handling Augusta’s slick, undulating greens. His modified 62° wedge was especially notable for its use on tight lies around the greens, giving him the confidence to play aggressive, high-risk shots when necessary.

Putter: The Clincher

The Ping Anser Milled 1 “Rainbow,” outfitted with a 'Ping Man' PP58 grip, was Watson’s choice on the greens. This putter, known for its feel and reliability, was crucial in converting critical putts under pressure. Watson’s putting during the 2014 Masters was exemplary, particularly in maintaining composure and rhythm on Augusta’s treacherous greens, a testament to the synergy between player and equipment.

Ball: The Titleist Pro V1x

Complementing his club selection was the Titleist Pro V1x, a ball chosen for its consistent flight and superior greenside control. At Augusta, where precision and spin control are paramount, the Pro V1x allowed Watson to optimize his aggressive playing style, attacking pins with confidence and managing his game from tee to green.

Grips: Ensuring Comfort and Control

Finally, Watson’s use of Ping 703 Gold grips provided the necessary comfort and stability through the bag. These grips are designed for enhanced feel and performance, crucial under the high-stress conditions of a major tournament.

Conclusion: A Well-Equipped Victory

Bubba Watson’s 2014 Masters win was not just a display of golfing excellence but also a masterclass in equipment optimization. Each club in his bag was chosen with the utmost care to suit his left-handed swing and unique approach to the game, proving once again that the right tools, when matched with talent and determination, can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Watson’s victory at Augusta showcased his ability to combine raw power with delicate precision, a duality that is perfectly reflected in the clubs he carried on his way to earning another green jacket.