Garrett Clark WITB - What's In The Bag? (June, 2024)

Who is Garrett Clark and what's in his bag? Meet the Creator of Good Good Golf

Driver: Paradym Ai-Smoke TD 10.5° @12 (N/+1, 12GB, 6GF) with a Fujikura Good Good Proto 7X shaft (testing) and a Fujikura Ventus Blue (Velo+) 6X (Tipped 1, 45 EOG, D3) shaft

3 Wood: Ai-Smoke Max HL 16.5° @17.5 (N/+1) with a Fujikura Ventus Blue (Velo+) 7X (43 EOG, Tipped 1.5, D3) shaft

Utility: Apex UW 19° @19 with a Fujikura Ventus Blue 8X (Tipped 2, 41.75 EOG, D3) shaft

Irons: Callaway Apex CB (4i-5i) Callaway Apex MB (6i-10i) with Fujikura Axiom 105X shaft (specs: Std Length, Std Loft, D3)

Wedges: Jaws Raw 52/10S, 56/10J, 60/10J with a True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour S400 shaft (specs: Std Length, Std Loft, D3)

Putter: Odyssey GG Versa 7 DBL (35 Inches, 2 loft, 71 lie)

Ball & Grips: Chrome Tour X with Super Stroke GG Custom grips

Who is Garrett Clark? Meet the Creator of Good Good Golf

Garrett Clark is a prominent figure in the golf community, known primarily for his engaging golf content on social media platforms. As the creator of the popular YouTube channel "GM Golf," Clark has captivated audiences with his entertaining and informative golf videos. Let's dive into the background, career, and impact of this rising star in the golf world.

Early Life and Passion for Golf

Garrett Clark developed a passion for golf at a young age. Growing up, he honed his skills on the course and quickly became an accomplished player. His early love for the sport set the foundation for what would become a successful career in golf content creation.

Social Media Presence

Garrett's journey to fame began with posting golf trick shots and challenges on Instagram and YouTube. His charismatic personality and impressive golf skills quickly attracted a large audience. What started as a hobby soon turned into a full-fledged career, as more and more viewers were drawn to his unique style and engaging content.

GM Golf: A YouTube Sensation

Garrett Clark’s YouTube channel, GM Golf, features a variety of golf-related content, including trick shots, course vlogs, challenges, and collaborations with other golfers and influencers. His videos are known for their high production quality, creativity, and entertainment value. With each upload, Garrett manages to combine skillful play with entertaining commentary, making his content appealing to both serious golfers and casual fans.

Collaborations and Network

One of the factors that have contributed to Garrett's popularity is his collaborations with other popular golfers and social media personalities. He often works with Stephen Castaneda, Micah Morris, and the rest of the Good Good Golf crew. These collaborations not only expand his reach but also introduce new dynamics and challenges that keep his content fresh and exciting.

Innovative Challenges and Trick Shots

Garrett is particularly known for his creative challenges and trick shots. From hitting impossible targets to executing elaborate course challenges, he constantly pushes the boundaries of what's possible in golf. His innovative approach has set him apart in the crowded field of golf content creators, making his channel a must-watch for golf enthusiasts.

Influence and Impact on Golf Culture

Garrett Clark's content has inspired many young golfers and fans of the sport. He has played a significant role in making golf more accessible and entertaining to a broader audience, particularly among younger viewers. Through his engaging videos, he has helped demystify the sport, showing that golf can be fun, challenging, and rewarding.

Growing the Game

One of Garrett's most notable contributions is his ability to grow the game of golf by reaching a younger and more diverse audience. His approachable and fun style makes golf seem less intimidating and more accessible. By showcasing the sport in a fresh and exciting light, he has encouraged many to pick up a golf club and give the game a try.

Merchandise and Branding

Capitalizing on his popularity, Garrett has also ventured into merchandise, offering branded apparel and golf accessories that resonate with his fan base. His merchandise line not only serves as an additional revenue stream but also helps to strengthen his brand and connect with his audience on a deeper level.

Garrett Clark's influence in the golf community continues to grow as he produces content that not only showcases his skill but also brings a fresh and entertaining perspective to the sport. As the creator of GM Golf, he has built a platform that inspires, entertains, and educates golfers of all ages. Whether you're a serious golfer or just someone who enjoys watching entertaining sports content, Garrett Clark and GM Golf are sure to have something that will keep you hooked.

By following Garrett's journey, aspiring golfers and fans can gain valuable insights into the game while enjoying the lighter, more fun side of golf. Garrett Clark is more than just a social media star; he's a driving force in modern golf culture, and his impact on the sport is undeniable.

Exploring Garrett Clark’s Golf Bag: A Deep Dive into His Club Specifications

Driver: Paradym Ai-Smoke TD 10.5° @12

Garrett's driver is the Paradym Ai-Smoke TD 10.5°, adjusted to 12°. This driver is equipped with a Fujikura Good Good Proto 7X shaft (currently in testing) and a Fujikura Ventus Blue (Velo+) 6X shaft, which is tipped 1 inch and measures 45 inches in overall length, with a D3 swing weight. The Ventus Blue shaft, known for its stability and smooth feel, helps Garrett achieve optimal control and distance off the tee. The driver’s precise adjustments cater to his swing style, allowing for better ball flight and accuracy.

3 Wood: Ai-Smoke Max HL 16.5° @17.5

Garrett's 3 wood is the Ai-Smoke Max HL 16.5°, adjusted to 17.5°. This club features a Fujikura Ventus Blue (Velo+) 7X shaft, which is 43 inches in overall length, tipped 1.5 inches, and has a D3 swing weight. The high launch (HL) design of this 3 wood helps in achieving maximum distance with a higher trajectory, which is particularly useful for long par 5s or tight fairways where precision is key.

Utility Club: Apex UW 19°

For versatility, Garrett uses the Apex UW 19°, paired with a Fujikura Ventus Blue 8X shaft, tipped 2 inches and measuring 41.75 inches in overall length with a D3 swing weight. This utility club bridges the gap between his woods and irons, providing the perfect blend of distance and control. It’s especially useful in various situations, whether it’s off the tee on shorter par 4s or reaching the green in two on par 5s.

Irons: Apex CB (4-5) and Apex MB (6-10)

Garrett’s iron setup includes Apex CB for his 4 and 5 irons, and Apex MB for his 6 through 10 irons. These irons are equipped with Fujikura Axiom 105X shafts, maintaining standard length and loft with a D3 swing weight. The combination of the cavity back (CB) in the longer irons and muscle back (MB) in the shorter irons provides a perfect balance of forgiveness and workability. The Apex CB irons offer stability and distance, while the Apex MB irons provide precision and control, crucial for approach shots.

Wedges: Jaws Raw 52/10S, 56/10J, 60/10J

Garrett’s short game is sharpened with the Jaws Raw wedges in lofts of 52° (10S), 56° (10J), and 60° (10J), all fitted with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour S400 shafts. These wedges, with their raw finish and optimized grooves, offer exceptional spin and control around the greens. The S grind on the 52° wedge is versatile for full shots and chipping, while the J grind on the 56° and 60° wedges is tailored for bunker play and delicate pitch shots.

Putter: Odyssey GG Versa 7 DBL

On the greens, Garrett relies on the Odyssey GG Versa 7 DBL putter, which is 35 inches in length, with a loft of 2° and a lie angle of 71°. The double bend shaft and Versa alignment aid in improving accuracy and consistency in putting. This putter’s design helps Garrett maintain a smooth stroke, which is essential for holing putts under pressure.

Ball and Grips: Chrome Tour X and Super Stroke GG Custom

Garrett plays the Chrome Tour X golf ball, known for its excellent blend of distance, spin, and feel. His clubs are gripped with Super Stroke GG Custom grips, providing a secure and comfortable hold, enhancing his control over each shot.

Garrett Clark's golf bag is a testament to his dedication and understanding of the game. Each club is carefully selected and customized to suit his playing style, helping him perform at his best. Whether it’s the powerful drives, precise iron shots, or delicate short game, Garrett’s equipment plays a vital role in his success on the course. For fans and aspiring golfers, his setup offers valuable insights into the importance of tailored equipment in achieving peak performance.