Jake Knapp | What's In The Bag? | The CJ Cup Byron Nelson 2024 | WITB

The Knappster fired ahead with another swagtastic opening round, carding a 7-under 64 at the CJ Cup Byron Nelson at TPC Craig Ranch.

Driver: Ping G425 LST 9° @ 7.5 with a Project X HZRDUS T1100 75 6.5 shaft

Mini-Driver: TaylorMade BRNR Mini driver 13.5° with a Project X HZRDUS T1100 95 6.5 shaft

Utility: Srixon ZU85 (2i) with a Mitsubishi Tensei 1K White 90TX shaft

Irons: PXG 0311 X GEN4 (4), 0211 ST (5-PW) with KBS C-Taper 130X shafts

Wedges: PXG Sugar Daddy II Milled 52°, Titleist Vokey Design SM9 56° (10S) with KBS C-Taper 130X shafts, Titleist Vokey Design Wedgeworks 60° (T) with a Nippon Modus 125 WV shaft

Putter: TaylorMade Spider Tour Double Bend with a SuperStroke Zenergy 2.0 PT grip

Ball: Titleist ProV1 left dot

Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet

In the world of golf, every player has their unique preferences when it comes to equipment. From drivers to putters, the selection process can be as personal as the swing itself. One player whose setup stands out for its meticulous curation is Jake Knapp. Let's take a closer look at the components of his bag and what insights we can glean from his choices.

The Big Sticks: Drivers and Mini-Drivers

At the heart of Knapp's arsenal are his drivers. The Ping G425 LST 9° with a Project X HZRDUS T1100 shaft serves as his primary weapon off the tee. With its low spin design, this driver offers both distance and control, crucial for navigating the fairways with precision. But what's particularly intriguing is Knapp's inclusion of the TaylorMade BRNR Mini driver alongside his main driver. This mini-driver, equipped with a Project X HZRDUS T1100 95 6.5 shaft, hints at Knapp's strategic approach to course management. Whether he's facing tight fairways or tricky doglegs, having a versatile option like the mini-driver allows him to adapt to different situations with ease.

Finding the Sweet Spot: Utility Irons and Irons

While drivers may grab the spotlight, the true test of a golfer often lies in their iron play. Knapp's bag features a blend of PXG 0311 X GEN4 (4) and 0211 ST (5-PW) irons, each meticulously chosen to complement his game. The PXG 0311 X GEN4 offers forgiveness and distance, while the 0211 ST irons provide the precision and feel demanded by the scoring clubs. Together, they form a formidable lineup capable of handling a variety of lies and shot shapes. But Knapp doesn't stop there. His inclusion of the Srixon ZU85 utility iron further highlights his commitment to versatility. Whether he's navigating long par 3s or laying up on tight par 4s, the ZU85 provides the consistency and control needed to tackle any situation.

Short Game Savvy: Wedges and Putter

When it comes to scoring, the short game reigns supreme. Knapp understands this well, as evidenced by his carefully curated selection of wedges and putter. His wedge lineup includes a mix of brands and grinds, reflecting his nuanced approach to chipping and pitching around the greens. From the PXG Sugar Daddy II to the Titleist Vokey SM9 and Vokey Wedgeworks, each wedge serves a specific purpose, whether it's spinning approach shots to a stop or getting up and down from the sand. And let's not forget about the putter – the TaylorMade Spider Tour Double Bend with a SuperStroke grip. This flatstick offers the stability and alignment assistance Knapp needs to roll in those crucial putts under pressure.

The Finishing Touches: Ball and Grips

Rounding out Knapp's setup are his choice of ball and grips. The Titleist ProV1 left dot ball delivers the performance and feel demanded by elite players, ensuring Knapp can maximize his scoring potential on every shot. Meanwhile, the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips offer the comfort and consistency needed to maintain a solid grip throughout the round, rain or shine.

Jake Knapp's golf bag setup serves as a testament to the importance of customization and attention to detail in the game of golf. By carefully selecting each club and accessory to suit his playing style and course conditions, Knapp has crafted a toolkit that empowers him to perform at his best on the course. Whether you're a scratch golfer or a weekend warrior, there's much to be learned from Knapp's approach to equipment selection. So, the next time you're fine-tuning your bag, take a page from Knapp's playbook and aim for the perfect setup tailored to your game.