Rickie Fowler WITB - What's In The Bag? The Traveler's Championship (June, 2024)

Cobra Darkspeed X 9°, Project X Denali Black 70TX Shaft

Driver: Cobra Darkspeed X 9°, Project X Denali Black 70TX shaft

3 Wood: Cobra Aerojet LS 14.5°, Aldila Tour Green 75TX shaft

5 Wood: Cobra LTDx LS 17.5°, UST Mamiya LIN-Q White M40X 8F5 shaft

Irons: Cobra King Tour (4-PW), KBS Tour C-Taper 125 S+ shafts

Wedges: Cobra Snakebite 54°, 56° & 58°, KBS Tour 610 shafts

Putter: Odyssey Jailbird 380

Ball: TaylorMade TP5

Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Tack

Rickie Fowler's Golf Bag: A Comprehensive Look at His Gear

When it comes to professional golf, the equipment a player chooses is critical to their performance. Rickie Fowler, known for his vibrant style and remarkable skill, has a meticulously curated selection of clubs and accessories. Here's a detailed look at the gear Fowler relies on, providing insights into the top golf clubs used by professionals and helping answer questions like "What driver do pro golfers use?" and "What irons do pros play with?"

Driver: Cobra Darkspeed X 9°, Project X Denali Black 70TX Shaft

The driver is arguably the most important club in a golfer's bag, and for Rickie Fowler, the Cobra Darkspeed X 9° is his club of choice. Fitted with a Project X Denali Black 70TX shaft, this driver offers exceptional speed and accuracy, crucial for those long drives off the tee. Many professional golfers opt for drivers that provide both power and control, and the Cobra Darkspeed X is a popular choice among the elite.

3 Wood: Cobra Aerojet LS 14.5°, Aldila Tour Green 75TX Shaft

Fowler's 3 wood, the Cobra Aerojet LS 14.5°, equipped with an Aldila Tour Green 75TX shaft, is designed for versatility and precision. This club is particularly useful for those crucial fairway shots, where distance and accuracy are key. Golfers looking for a reliable 3 wood that professionals use will find the Aerojet LS to be an excellent option.

5 Wood: Cobra LTDx LS 17.5°, UST Mamiya LIN-Q White M40X 8F5 Shaft

The Cobra LTDx LS 5 wood at 17.5° with a UST Mamiya LIN-Q White M40X 8F5 shaft is another staple in Fowler's bag. This club is perfect for longer approach shots and navigating challenging courses. Professional golfers often select 5 woods that deliver both distance and height, and the LTDx LS is favored for its performance and consistency.

Irons: Cobra King Tour (4-PW), KBS Tour C-Taper 125 S+ Shafts

Rickie Fowler's irons, the Cobra King Tour (4-PW), are equipped with KBS Tour C-Taper 125 S+ shafts. These irons provide a blend of control and forgiveness, making them ideal for precise shots and varied course conditions. When considering what irons pros play with, the Cobra King Tour series is a standout for its balance of performance and feel.

Wedges: Cobra Snakebite 54°, 56°, & 58°, KBS Tour 610 Shafts

For his short game, Fowler relies on Cobra Snakebite wedges in 54°, 56°, and 58°, all fitted with KBS Tour 610 shafts. Wedges are crucial for scoring, especially in tricky situations around the green. These wedges offer excellent spin and control, essential for professional-level play. The Snakebite series is highly regarded among advanced players for its superior performance.

The putter is a highly personal club, and Rickie Fowler uses the Odyssey Jailbird 380. This putter is known for its stability and alignment features, helping golfers make more accurate putts. In professional golf, putters that provide confidence and consistency are highly valued, and the Odyssey Jailbird 380 is a popular choice among the pros.

Rickie Fowler plays with the TaylorMade TP5 golf ball, known for its combination of distance, spin, and feel. The choice of ball can significantly impact a golfer's game, and the TP5 is favored for its advanced technology and reliable performance. Many professional golfers opt for the TaylorMade TP5 for its all-around excellence.

Lastly, Fowler's clubs are outfitted with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Tack grips. These grips offer a comfortable feel and excellent control, crucial for maintaining consistency in all weather conditions. Professional golfers often choose grips that provide a secure yet responsive touch, and the Tour Velvet Tack is a preferred option.


Rickie Fowler's golf bag is a testament to the importance of selecting the right equipment for professional play. From the Cobra Darkspeed X driver to the TaylorMade TP5 ball, each piece of gear is chosen for its performance and reliability. For those wondering about the best golf clubs for advanced players or seeking reviews of golf equipment used by pros, Fowler's setup offers valuable insights into the top choices in professional golf.