Taylormade MG4 Raw TW Grind wedges

The all-new MG4 Raw TW Grind wedges come equipped with the same DG Tour Issue Taper S400 shaft and Tour Velvet Cord grip. For the first time, you can use the exact wedges Tiger Woods plays.

While Tiger’s influence is evident in the head and sole design of these new wedges, there's even more to their story.

The all-new MG4 Raw TW Grind wedges come equipped with the same DG Tour Issue Taper S400 shaft and Tour Velvet Cord grip. For the first time, you can use the exact wedges Tiger Woods plays.

MG4 wedges are crafted with the player’s perception in mind, featuring a straighter leading edge and minimal offset.

Compared to the MG3 and MG4 wedges, the MG4 Raw TW Grind wedges have a slightly larger footprint, offering a sense of roundness and continuity throughout the clubhead profile.

TaylorMade’s Spin Tread technology uses laser etching to channel away moisture at impact, retaining spin. Just as tire treads keep your car connected to the road, Spin Tread redirects water and increases friction between the clubface and the ball at impact.

The Evolution of Tiger Woods' Wedge Setup

Tiger Woods' influence on the game of golf extends far beyond his tournament victories and major championships. His meticulous approach to equipment, especially his wedge setup, has driven significant innovations in golf technology. Over the years, Woods has refined his wedges to suit his evolving playing style and course conditions. His latest collaboration with TaylorMade on the MG4 Raw TW Grind line marks a pinnacle in this journey. Let's delve into the evolution of Tiger Woods' wedge setup, the development of custom grind and bounce profiles, and the significance of his partnership with TaylorMade.

The Early Years: Foundation of Precision

In the early stages of his career, Tiger Woods' wedge setup was characterized by traditional designs with minimal modifications. His primary focus was on consistency and feel, essential for his short game precision. Woods preferred wedges with standard bounce and grind profiles, allowing him to execute a variety of shots with confidence. His skill with these basic tools was a testament to his exceptional talent and rigorous practice regimen.

Evolution Through Collaboration

As Woods' career progressed, he began to collaborate closely with equipment manufacturers to tailor his wedges to his specific needs. His partnership with Nike Golf in the early 2000s marked a significant shift in his approach to wedge design. During this period, Woods experimented with different bounce angles and grind profiles, seeking to enhance his performance in various course conditions.

One of the notable developments was the introduction of custom grinds that allowed Woods to manipulate the clubface more effectively. These grinds provided additional versatility, enabling him to open or close the face for different shot types without compromising the club's interaction with the turf. This level of customization was relatively new at the time and showcased Woods' innovative mindset.

The Vokey Era: Precision Redefined

Woods' switch to Vokey wedges in the late 2000s brought further advancements to his setup. Working closely with renowned wedge designer Bob Vokey, Woods refined his wedge grinds to achieve unparalleled control and spin. The collaboration resulted in wedges with unique sole designs that catered to his precise shot-making requirements.

One of the key innovations during this period was the development of wedges with variable bounce angles. This allowed Woods to optimize his wedges for different turf conditions, from firm fairways to soft sand. The ability to customize bounce and grind profiles to such an extent was groundbreaking and influenced wedge design across the industry.

The TaylorMade Partnership: MG4 Raw TW Grind

In recent years, Woods' collaboration with TaylorMade has taken his wedge setup to new heights. The latest MG4 Raw TW Grind wedges represent the culmination of decades of refinement and innovation. These wedges are designed with Tiger's exacting standards in mind, featuring several cutting-edge technologies.

The MG4 Raw TW Grind wedges showcase a unique head and sole design that reflects Woods' preferences. The straighter leading edge and minimal offset provide a clean look at address, instilling confidence in players. The slightly larger footprint offers a sense of roundness and continuity, enhancing the club's playability.

One of the standout features of the MG4 Raw TW Grind wedges is TaylorMade's Spin Tread technology. This innovation utilizes laser etching to channel moisture away at impact, ensuring consistent spin even in wet conditions. The increased friction between the clubface and the ball enhances control, allowing for precise shot execution.

Custom Grind and Bounce Profiles

A key aspect of the MG4 Raw TW Grind wedges is the custom grind and bounce profiles developed specifically for Woods. These profiles are tailored to his playing style, allowing for optimal turf interaction and versatility. The grinds enable Woods to manipulate the clubface for different shot types, from high soft lobs to low spinning checks.

The collaboration with TaylorMade has also resulted in wedges that offer a softer, more solid feel. This improvement is attributed to the use of advanced materials and construction techniques, ensuring that the wedges meet Woods' demanding standards.

Tiger Woods' wedge setup has evolved significantly over the years, driven by his relentless pursuit of perfection and collaboration with leading equipment manufacturers. From traditional designs to custom grinds and advanced technologies, each phase of his journey has contributed to the development of wedges that enhance his game.

The MG4 Raw TW Grind wedges represent the latest chapter in this story, embodying the precision and innovation that have defined Woods' approach to equipment. As golfers around the world have the opportunity to use wedges designed to Tiger's specifications, his legacy of innovation continues to influence the game, inspiring players to strive for excellence in their short game.